Epic Fail

Epic fail.jpg

For anyone who read my post 10 Week Challenge I am now changing it to 9 week Challenge.

No explanation needed ( the following pictures may be highly disturbing to some viewers)


Spot the wine glass on a school night. This relates to Yom kippur


Raising money for breast cancer awareness (allowed)


No excuse good enough…. and as I have declared I am not religious I cant even ask for forgiveness.


A Bloody Mary. Oh well at least it has 1 of my 5 a day 😉

I have quickly hit goggle hard to find those quotes that make you feel better

~ Every Accomplishment starts with the decision to try

~ Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try

~ Ever tried, No matter, Try again, fail again,fail better

~If your plan A doesn’t work the alphabet has 25 more letters.Remain calm and go for it!

Feel better now. Night all ❤

One thought on “Epic Fail

  1. Here’s another for you …. “the victory is when you get up and try again and not when you fail! ” …. 0r “tomorrow is another day” …. I’ll resist the temptation to bake you a cake….!!!! Xx


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