Yom Kippur


Yom Kippur 2.jpgI am not a religious person, not in the slightest, I have my beliefs but they are very simple and don’t involve ‘The big fella’.

As a child I was heavily involved in the church. I never really felt like I ‘belonged’ in my family, always felt like the ‘odd one out’

When I was 8 I took myself off to join the local church, was in Sunday school, choir and even played the part of Mary in the nativity play.

I studied the bible and won a junior Mastermind  competition, my specialist subject ‘The Bible’

I soon went off God when I discovered boys, the type I fancied were more into football and catch a girl, kiss a girl, rather than God.

We all need a sense of belonging I guess and although I don’t have any religious beliefs I respect the need to belong to a bigger thing.

My partner is Jewis and recently it was Yom Kippur – all I know is he fasted for 24 hours and thought about his sins and how he can be a better person.

I supported him in this process by leaving home for 24 hours. I cannot stand a ‘Hangry’ man.I did send him a few text saying ‘keep strong’ ‘stay positive’ and finally “What is for tea when I get home tonight?”

On my arrival home I was presented with a 3 course meal. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. I was supportive, non-judgmental and practiced the art of self preservation.

This surely makes me a good person, doesn’t it? 😉





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